The Middle School Golf League is organized with parents registering their Middle School players through the South Gwinnett Athletic Association. Players are assigned teams generally based on middle school attendance and receive golf shirts with their middle school or feeder high school colors. If there are not enough players form a middle school to form a team, registered players are assigned as needed to round out team rosters.

After the instructional golf clinic for all players beginning golfers are encouraged to take that knowledge onto the golf course. In addition, all players and especially beginning golfers are encouraged to practice ball striking skills between team play. The format for play is team competition best ball play including during one week “High School Day” where high school team golfers are invited to play along with their cluster middle school teams, a week of individual stroke play, where the most advanced players are invited to play in an invitational individual stroke 9-hole tournament. The season culminates for everyone with a Drive, Chip and Putt competition and the MSGL Awards Presentations.

Players play from forward or junior tees based on ability. League play and/or clinics will be held mostly on Sundays, normally at 4 pm. The season officially begins with a clinic for everyone conducted by our golf course professionals, and for new golfers or players new to MSGL and orientation on team play, golf rules and golf etiquette. beginner orientation and Each team has a volunteer team “Marshall” who is responsible for team lineups and supervises the play on the course. Parents are welcome to walk or purchase carts as available. All spectators’ carts must remain on the cart paths.

Our five main host golf courses for regular play re Chimney’s Golf Club, Country Club of Gwinnett, Collins Hill Golf Course, Cedar Lake Golf Course and Bear Creek. Providence Golf Course, Trophy Club of Apalachee and Monroe Golf Courses may host us as needed.  Teams rotate and play on a different course each week.