There are two issues that you need to be aware of.  First, we’re having scheduling issues and have not been able to date to secure a golf course practice area for our player’s Clinic.  We will continue to work on that but for now, we’re revising our schedule.  The season will NOT begin in August.  We plan on now starting the season on Sep 12 (the week after Labor Day) and will schedule play every Sunday thru Oct 31. (Oct 31 being Halloween our play that day will be TBA). If you are a member or play regularly at any of our courses, you might mention to them our need for a course to have our clinic. We have been so fortunate over the years to have been able to hold our activities at Summit Chase Country Club! So, please revise and be aware of this schedule change. 

Second, we posted the following information and included it in our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Fall MSGL season:

“Players are strongly encouraged to walk the nine holes and carry their clubs or have a pushcart. If a player walks, they may choose to have a parent or another adult caddie for them and walk the course, carry the bag or push the cart. Caddies must observe golf rules and etiquette and may advise players on shots, club selections, and distances. However, detailed coaching slows down the pace of play and is for practice sessions and not on course play! Parents may rent a cart if available, and players may ride with them and have their bag of clubs in the cart but again parents must keep the carts on the cart path at all times. If players ride in a cart, they need to practice ready golf, get out of the cart, and get their clubs ready to play. There is usually a line to get carts so parents and players must arrive well in advance of the start time. Depending on prior members or guests play that day at the course, there may be a shortage of available carts due to cleaning and recharging carts.  Not everyone is ensured of having a cart available and players and parents may need to be prepared to walk the course. Players are not allowed to drive a cart (must be 16 years old and have a driver’s license.) Other spectators are welcome to watch play either by walking along or they may rent a cart if available ($10 or $11—depending on course) but must stay on the cart path at all times.”

In coordinating the upcoming season’s schedule and securing a course for our clinic and Drive, Chip, and Putt contest with our local golf courses, we are aware that carts being available on weekend afternoons will likely be the same or worse. This is just not a situation at one or two of our courses but all of them.  Hence, we need to revise our guidelines.  Walking the course for players might not be optional.  If carts are not available that will be the only alternative.  We will ensure that our marshals have carts to retrieve balls and guide us in best-ball play.  If carts are not available when play is scheduled to begin players will need to be prepared to walk the course, either crying their bags, using pushcarts, or having a parent caddy for them.  If there are available carts, they will go first to the player’s parents who want to transport them.  Parents again may caddy the for their walking players. Any other available carts then could be purchased as purely spectator carts for friends or relatives.  Spectators as always, may walk the 9 holes and observe from the cart path. 

It seems golf has become a more popular weekend activity for the golf clubs’ members and guests not only playing the course but using the practice facilities and the courses can’t keep up with demand for carts, recharging and cleaning them and having them ready continuously throughout the day. This has not been the situation in the past and how we have been able to operate.   However, players who play in junior tournaments and as they play high school golf must walk and carry their clubs or use a pushcart.

SGAA is aware of the above situations and if this causes you concern, they will refund your registration if you have already registered and we want to ensure that anyone about to register for the fall season is aware of this.